4 Different Types of Grow Lights You Can Use for Indoor Farming

If you are into indoor farming, you will need to grow lights to ensure your plants receive the light they need to grow strong. However, most farmers ask questions like what are the best types of lights, how far should they be placed from the plants, how should you use them etc. There are three popular types of grow lights you can use for indoor plants, and they are-

Three types of grow lights for indoor farming

  1. Incandescent bulbs- They are cheap and cost you just a few Australian dollars. They are ideal to use when you have a few plants in the room and can be used with natural sunlight. These bulbs produce heat and should be placed at least two feet away from the plants.
  • Fluorescent lights- They are popular among people who prefer to grow plants at home. They are ideal for growing vegetables and germination. They produce lesser heat than incandescent bulbs and are more versatile in use. Like incandescent grow lights, they pocket-friendly.
  • High-Intensity Discharge Lights- They have substances like Metal Halide (MH) and High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) for promoting the growth of plants. However, they are expensive and complex in use. They emit a lot of light to the plants and promote vegetative growth. The MH lights have a blue hue whereas the HPS lights have an orange to a yellow hue.
  • LED lights- They have recently emerged in the market and are quite popular among farmers. They produce less heat and are energy efficient.  They can be programmed as per the needs of the plant and can effectively produce both blue and red spectrums.

Depending upon the crops and plants you are growing indoors, you should choose the right type of light for your needs. Speak to professional farmers before buying grow lights. The right type of light will make your plants grow strong and healthy with success!